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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Old Poetry

Flipping through an old notebook a couple of days ago I found a poem scribbled on a much-doodled paper with phone numbers, stars, and a couple of notes. I thought I'd add it to this blog for the sake of having an electronic copy of my writing. Here it is:

We Three

Darkness settles quietly on my balcony,
Waiting like a snowstorm waits
For midnight to bury footprints and flowers.

I open my fridge;
Not much there:
Jar of pickles, carton of milk.
You don't need much when you feed yourself.

The gleam of glasses makes me wonder
If anyone can see my eyes glisten.
Probably not.

A single light overhead creates a faint circle
Around me and my book.
The darkness has moved cautiously indoors.

Just a couple more sentences.
Once I leave for bed,
The silence joins me
And then it is just we three:
Mr, the silence, and darkness.

-Rachel Pickett-

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